Sketches for Violin & Vinyl

SKETCHES FOR VIOLIN & VINYLAyumi Paul & Achim Mohné, CD, Evil Rabbit Records, Berlin, 2018

Violin meets locked Groove

This recording is based on sounds created by violin and voice and the ending grooves of vinyl’s. Composer and performance artist Ayumi Paul and multimedia artist Achim Mohné merge them into an improvised dialogue recorded during a single studio day. For this uncut, unaltered and unrepeatable set, Mohné uses a triple deck set-up to convert tiny dust particles inside ending vinyl grooves into sound sculptures within which Paul improvises musical narratives with violin and voice that dissolve into vast abstract soundscapes. © Ayumi Paul / Achim Mohné / Evil Rabbit Records (192914325970) recorded by Gerd and Joshua Nesgen, February 2018 at ping ton studios Cologne, Germany mixed by Francesco Donadello at vox ton studio berlin, Germany mastered by Francesco Donadello at calyx berlin, Germany.


CD Evil Rabbit Records, 2018 Total playing time: 56:17 Order/Download:



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