„Art in Public Spaces Seen Through the Algorithmic Eyes of Google Earth“. Series since 2017


In this ongoing work series that was started in 2017, the data taken from the virtual globes, which show deserted places, seem to point to the current situation of a lockdown (release date). The series tries to redefines the relationship between photography and architecture in urban space with the technology of post-photographic means and allows us to experience the "perception of reality" in a new way. The focus of his 3D work complex lies in unmasking the "imperfect" algorithm of 3D visualization systems: His works from the series 3D-Google-Earth-Models reflect the glitches, the deformations and thus the "simplified language" of the Google Earth algorithm.

The video Google-Earth-Model#8 shows an almost ghostly atmosphere around the Grabbeplatz: trees seem to float, cars blur in the middle of the paths and abysses on the outer edge of the road become apparent. The work deals with the perception of urbanity, art and nature in a virtual reality and its aesthetic paradox.
The video is based on the series of „3D-Google-Earth-Models“. For this work a specially developed analog-digital photogrammetric procedure is being used, a 3D software to scoop data from distribution systems such as Google Earth, Apple Maps in order to simulate a drone flight around a real existing location in virtual space - in this case the monolithic building complex of the "brutalist art bunker“. Other models of this series are Richard Serra's steel sculpture Terminal in Bochum or Peter Weibel's The Globe as a Suitcase in the Austrian Sculpture Park in Premstätten. The Kunsthalle Düsseldorf was recorded as Google-Earth-Model#8 in 2019 and this data has been now generated as a virtual drone flight.
Land Art, which lives from the space-time relationship, is re-read by virtual space: space, time, distance, proximity are shifted. Google Earth allows us to approach landscapes from a distance, but with deductions: The "3D-Google Earth Model series" reflects the glitches, the absurd appearing deformations and the "simplified language" of the algorithm: abysses, missing paths, flying trees.


Virtuell Drone Flight, Video: 4min.05



Kunsthalle Düsseldorf 2020