ZKM Center for Arts and Media Karlsruhe 2001

For the award of the ZKM prize, Achim Mohné was disguised as a security officer with a radio-controlled spy camera and welcomes all arriving guests, dividing them into a „medial two-class society“. In the entrance hall the guests were informed about the constant and uncontrollable media observation that will take place during the whole evening.  They were given the choice to protect their private sphere from transmission by wearing a sticker. It was claimed that the logo on the sticker would be filtered by a visual computer recognition system and would allow, with the greatest possible certainty, recordings of visitors marked with it, to be excluded from being fed into the TV/Internet.

However, before being able to make this choice, the right to „one‘s own image“ had already been undermined. The instruction and classification of the visitors was recorded by Achim Mohné‘s camera hidden in his shirt collar and telecasted, time-delayed in word and sound, in the main hall of the event.

When entering the room, the guests watch themselves as they take their decision. Approximately one third of the 400 visitors wore the sticker during the event.


Media performance and installation: approx. 500 Stickers 10 x 8 cm, spycam in tie, time delayed projection



- Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe 2002



- Achim Mohné, „Panopticon“, Katalog Dt./Engl. 2001,

Published by Ludwig Forum Aachen