Death mask of Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin

The mask is generated from photographs of Putin using the method of photogrammetry. 35 „official" photos published by the Kremlin showing the dictator from all sides are rendered as a three-dimensional model using 3D software. From this, a PLA 3D print consisting of hundreds of layers is created, showing the facial features as a relief (24 x 15 x 10 cm) at a scale of 1:1. The (photographic) texture usually used in today's 3D models was not applied. As with the "analog" death masks, these are monochrome sculptures. Before the invention of photography, death masks were a common means of creating an "authentic" portrait of personalities shortly after their death. In this way, the facial features were documented and preserved for posterity. With the invention of photography, which allowed the creation of pictures of the dead (post mortem photography), death masks fell into oblivion. The masks were taken with wax or plaster as a direct impression of the face of the dead.

Death mask of Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin, 2022

3D print, white PLA , 24 x 15 x 10 cm /1:1 (Photogrammetry based on Google Photos), 2022