CineCorpse, 1995 - 1999

KHM Köln 1998
GAS Brooklyn, New York 1999
In cooperation with Hermann Feldhaus

CineCorpse is a joint project between Cologne (Achim Mohné) and New York (Hermann Feldhaus), using film and computers. Like an exquisite corpse, each artist exposes sections of film which are then finished by the second artist, not knowing exactly what images the first artist has used.

Feldhaus and Mohné communicate about the project via e-mail, sending each other hints about the film images in the form of text, drawings and photographs. CineCorpse has been running for 2 years and currently consists of 20 films and 250 pages of e-mail.

The installation consists of 5-10 film projectors, running simultaneously. The 16 mm film loops go in all directions through the installation room and the visitor is positioned inside this film sculpture. As a medium, CineCorpse has been conceived to exist in a category somewhere between film and photography. A fixation upon individual frames is the conceptual foundation behind both the creation and viewing of the films. Also it is designed as a CD ROM, in which format the viewer can completely control the sequence of viewing the images that make up CineCorpse.


Interactive film installation and communication project: Eight 16-mm projectors, 450 m of film loop, projection screens.



- KHM Köln 1998

- GAS Brooklyn, New York 1999


- CD Rom: Hermann Feldhaus, Achim Mohné, CineCorpse, 1997

- Veräumlichung-Verzeitlichung, published by Kunsthaus Dortmund

- Achim Mohné, Arbeiten 1996-98, published by KHM Cologne Daumenkino

- Videonale 8, 1998, published by Bonner Kunstverein