Noise of Cologne 3, published by a-musik, 2024

„Noise of Cologne 3“ offers a highly varied spectrum of experimental music: from musique concrète, electronic music, field recordings and environmental music to soundscapes, no wave, computer music and post-minimal music to experimental club music, turntablism, ambient and hauntology. Above all, „Noise of Cologne 3“ offers surprises: Trance synthesisers alongside vocal acrobatics and terror drums as well as numerous „unlikely combinations“ (David Toop) – music not yet classified or labelled: noise, if you will.

The CD compiled by Frank Dommert (A-Musik) and Dirk Specht (Therapeutische Hörgruppe) brings together musicians who have been contributing to the musical map of Cologne for years and decades as well as those who are just starting out, trying things out, building something, getting loud, getting involved, contributing. You can also hear the activating influence of networks, study programmes, collectives, producing workshops and funding, which also encourage more women to assert themselves against powerful stereotypes. The eponymous term „noise“ refers to neither genre nor sound; rather, its meaning blurs in the juxtaposition of the contributions, opening up its semantic frame of reference: What does noise have to do with the city? Which instruments are used to play noise? Is noise danceable? Does noise sound utopian or dystopian? Can noise be retro or is noise always new?


Noise of Cologne 3, published by a-musik, 2024

120 DEN / 7000 Eichen / Achim Mohné / Andreas O. Hirsch / Andreas Wagner / Andrés Quezada / Annie Bloch / Beate & Dietmar Bonnen / Bernd Härpfer / Bettina Wenzel / Bidisha Das / bleed Air / Bob Humid / C.C. Herman / chirp.crush / Claudia Robles-Angel / Clusterhead / COMBUSTION CONSTRUCTION / Croute / DANGOLOID / dennis aycicek / Echo Ho / Elisa Kühnl / Elisa Metz / Elisabeth Coudoux / EZB / Florian Zwißler / Frank Dommert / Friday Dunard / funfon / hans w. koch / Harald Sack Ziegler / Hye Young Sin / jeandado / Joel Jaffe / Julia Bünnagel / Justin / Kai Niggemann / Luís Antunes Pena / Marcus Schmickler / Martin Schmitz / Martin Weinreich / Menelaos Tomasides / Merzouga / Michael Peters / Mik Quantius / Miyake / MME dUO / Monoteur / Nathalie Brum / Neozaïre / Nils Quak / Numinos / Pedro A. Ramírez / Peter Simon / PVNCTVM / Ralf Schreiber / Roland Schappert / Roman Jungblut / Schlammpeitziger / Sebastian von der Heide / Shuoxin Tan / Siegfried Koepf / Simon Rummel / Stefan Haagen / TBZ / That Night / Therapeutische Hörgruppe / Titanoboa / Tobias Hartmann / Viola Klein / Volker Zander / Wolfram Wire

Supported by Stadt Köln, Kulturamt


CD, Audio
Mastered by Picapau
Produced & Compiled by Dirk Specht and Frank Dommert
Liner Notes: Theresa Nink
Translation: Tom Asforth
Photography: Frank Dommert

Produced by / available at a-Musik Cologne, 2024